We are thrilled to announce our latest notebook release, a range of A4 notebooks starting with a Science themed notebook for laboratory work.

A4 squared paper lab book features 100 numbered pages with 3 index pages, the squares are 4mm feint squares. We are also releasing a 5mm dotted / dot grid lab book.

The range will soon be expanded to include different designs and themes so get in contact if you have any designs you would like to see. We will also be working on getting a ‘Letter’ size lab notebook for the US audience.

The Pro Log system is ideally suited to lab notebooks where keeping a good reference system is key. By using our notebook you can keep your lab notes in order and have multiple projects running at once.

Why do you need a laboratory notebook?

A good lab notebook is your accurate record of experiments, data and methods. Used correctly it should be like a diary of your work and is invaluable for demonstrating how you approached your investigations.

The pro log system helps you form good note keeping habits, each page is dated and linked to the other parts of the project. The index at the front of the lab notebook helps you quickly find your notes and helps others who review your work follow along.

Good practice lab book note keeping/ how to keep lab notes

  1. Title each page
  2. Use the pro log system to record the date and sequence of the lab notes
  3. Use the index of the lab book
  4. Write in pen
  5. Don’t tipex / whiteout mistakes, cross them through because they are an important part of the record and you might need to see what went wrong.
  6. Explain your observations – don’t assume you will remember what you did and why, or that the person reading it will know

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