Pro Log Notebooks - the Journey

Pro Log Notebooks started the way any good business starts. A simple problem, with a simple solution.

Hi, I’m Tom founder of Pro Log Notebooks. An engineer by trade. When I was working as a consultant I found myself needing to make a lot of notes about different projects. I wanted to use my notebooks efficiently and not leave multiple blank pages which would ultimately either be too many or not enough. I came up with a simple solution and think everyone should know about it. The Pro Log system couldn’t be easier and makes note keeping for multiple subjects easy, see how Pro Log notebooks work here.

pro-log founder head

Our notebook range has expanded to include notebooks for specific hobbies and industries. If we feel we can add real value for our users then we will. The idea is to remove friction and barriers in our lives by making our products as easy to use as possible. By having well organised pre-printed notebooks you are much more likely to keep good notes.

Specialised notebooks:

Lock Picking log– designed for hobby lock pickers to record their progress with different locks. Reviewed by leading lock pickers in the industry this notebook has been very well received in the community. Featured on Lock Noob and also featured on Bosnian Bills lock picking channel.

Metal detecting log book – improve your skills by understanding your detector better. This log book is designed to record your metal detector settings, ground conditions and more importantly the finds. Each find is logged along with the depth it was at, the depth the metal detector reported and the target ID that the detector reports. By understanding how your metal detector responds in different environments you can improve your judgement of what settings to use each time and when to dig. It also serves as a great reminder of where you made your discoveries and where to go back!