The Pro Log Notebooks concept is really simple. Every notebook has a printed user guide inside as a reminder, but once you understand it you’ll never forget it and it will blow your mind!

For a full video guide of how to use it, click here: Pro Log Notebooks Guide

The Pro Log system allows you to use every page of your notebook without skipping pages where you think you might need to continue a project/subject. Not only that but the simple indexing system makes everything so much easier to find and refer back to. It really is the ultimate productivity hack for your notebook.

pro log notebook inside
pro log notebook inside

Using the system is simple, just use the pre-printed guides to record the subject you are making notes on, put the instance number of that subject in the circle and then use the arrows to indicate the last and next page numbers where that subject has notes.

The index in the front is then used to list where each subject starts. It is really easy to follow your subject through the notebook and makes life so much easier.

This notebook productivity hack really works and you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it!

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