The excellent Lock Noob reviewed our lock picking journal on his esteemed channel. An excellent review from an experienced professional lock picker.

This thorough review discusses how to use the lock picking log book to journal your attempts at picking various locks. The journal has an index at the front so you can reference each lock and quickly look at what attempts you made to pick it.

If the lock is a belt ranked lock then you can log the ranking in the Difficulty/Rank field. Or you can define your own difficulty like 1 to 10 as you please.

The journal features over 80 pages of lock picking logs. You can record one lock per page and multiple attempts on each page. For each lock picking journal entry you can record tools used and time taken, as well as if the pick was successful.

The back of the lock picking journal also has 10 pages of blank lined notes to record anything else you want to. This could be anything from useful thoughts, resources or contacts in the lock picking community.

Each page also features a padlock symbol, this feature allows you to colour in part of the shackle to show that the lock was opened!

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