How to Pro Log from Pro Log Notebooks on Vimeo.

We offer a range of notebooks which are either Pro Log or Specialised notebooks.

Specialised – the Specialised notebooks cater for specific applications such as Metal Detecting, Baking, Photography and more. For example if you are a budding photographer you would benefit from our photography notebook which lets you easily log camera settings.

Pro Log – the Pro Log notebooks feature our unique no blank page system and come in many themes and designs.

This page shows you how to use the Pro Log no blank pages system in a simple video tutorial. Check out our blog post to see why this is the ultimate notebook hack.

How can I use a notebook more efficiently?

We’ve all been there, you get a new notebook and you start writing some notes. It starts off fine and you fill the first few pages up, but then you want to take some notes on an unrelated subject. What do you do? You leave a few blank pages and turn to a fresh page further in the notepad. This continues until you have a mess of notes everywhere, blank pages not filled and no way to reference the pages.

That is when you ask yourself – how can I use a notebook more efficiently!? There must be a better way.

Well yes there is and that is exactly why our notebook productivity hack was developed. Watch the video above or look at this guide to understand how to use it, you don’t even need to buy our notebooks, you can manually add the system to any existing notebook.