How to use your notebooks more efficiently with our notebook productivity hack.

A notebook used well is very powerful, when our notebooks are well organised and we know where everything is we can begin to trust the notebook and the knowledge stored in it.

All too often a notebook is a dump of random pages with no easy method to find the information within it. When a notebook gets this way we stop trusting that the information is stored in there in a useful way and stop wanting to use it – the notebook loses so much potential. This leads to your mind being filled with incomplete loops and tasks which distract you and make you very inefficient.

It doesn’t have to be this way! A notebook used well lets us remove things from our minds and lets the mind clear. But you have to trust it, you need a good system.

This is how Pro Log was born, and the hack we use can be implemented by you right now in your existing notebook! To add a Pro Log system to your notebook

  1. Number every page
  2. Draw an index at the start of the notebook
  3. Whenever you start a page, draw a box in the corner as shown in the image (Pro Log box), add the circle with arrows and the subject or project title
  4. Use the instructions shown in the image below to use the Pro Log system
pro log notebook inside
pro log notebook inside

Using this productivity hack will make your notebooks so much more efficient. If you don’t have time to add the system or want it to look neater then just buy a pre-made one with a design you like!

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