Our Photography Notebook / Journal is one of our best selling specialised notebooks. It was designed by a prize winning photographer who understood the need to record settings used for photographs.

Inside of photography notebook

The Exif data records some of the photo settings, but it doesn’t capture everything in one place such as the lens used, thoughts, results, notes on the scene and lighting etc. To really improve on your skills it is useful to be able to look back and review what happened to get the photo, what was going through your mind, what were you trying to achieve and ultimately if you feel you achieved it.

Our customers are also finding that it is just a great way to look back over what photography projects they have worked on and remember extra details about the time. It is like having a diary just for photography.

“Loving this notebook! I’ve been using a couple of plain notebooks, but finding something that I’ve written in them is frustrating! I feel that this one makes me much more organised and found it so helpful keeping track of where, when and what photos I’ve taken, with all the settings and information in one place. There is an index and space for notes on things like web sites, places to go and shoot, or You Tube videos to help with learning. As the title says ‘One does not simply get a camera and become a ‘professional photographer’, but this will sure help me on the way.”

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