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*As featured on Lock Noob*
*Also featured on Bosnian Bills lock picking channel*

This notebook has been thoughtfully created for lock picking hobbyists and uses templates specifically designed for lock picking.

A great way of tracking your lock opening hobby and progress over time. Especially useful if you have sent the locks on to someone else in the community so you can still have a log of what you picked.

Features a padlock symbol in the top corner. When you have picked the lock you color in a small section to show the lock as open!

Also features:

– 86 lock picking log pages
– 10 blank lined pages for extra notes
– a section for drawing the pins after gutting the lock. A great way to remember how the lock was setup

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3 reviews for Lock Picking Journal

  1. Stevie

    This notebook is proving to be really useful for me. I frequently stop picking and come back to it and have forgotten the progress I was making. Great quality.

  2. Secure Test Tom

    I saw this on Lock Noobs channel, great idea just what I’ve always wanted for my lock picking

  3. Vince M Lewis

    This is a handy little book to make notations of your lock-picking expertise. You can index all/most of your locks (about 100 catered for) write comments and there is a provisor for any specialist incidentaries of your lock-picking journey such a amount of pins encountered or was it a challenge lock etc. All in easy notation.
    Overall, yeah its a good book to have if you’re into Lock-Sport (the art of legal lock-picking) as its nice to keep track of what you’ve been up to and with what lock you’ve been up to with!
    (Disclaimer: Notice – Only pick your own locks or locks that you’ve acquired permission to pick.)

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