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Simplex Metal Detecting

Simplex+ find book

Simplex+ Metal Detecting finds book

*As featured on The Grim Bleeper‘s metal detecting YouTube channel*

**UPDATED Version 2** Following some excellent customer feedback we have updated the notebook to include a Ground Conditions section and logging the depth the detector reports and the actual find depth.

The perfect gift for any hobbyist metal detectorist. This version was designed for the Simplex+ Owners Facebook group

This is a notebook made for metal detectorists by a metal detectorist. Keep a detailed log of where you discovered your finds, which metal detector you were using and what the target ID was. This is an excellent way of improving and understanding your metal detector. Metal detectors behave differently depending on where you use them, how wet the ground was, the mineralisation of the soil, the depth of the item and more.

This log book is made to record and log finds and the tools used along with other information such as the depth of finds, target ID and date. We highly recommend you log your discrimination settings, weather conditions and anything else that might affect the readings.

The notebook includes a handy page format for writing all of the key information and has 10 additional pages for general reference notes and tips at the back. Also features a full index at the start for quick referencing of your search locations

An invaluable reference for where you have been and where you need to go back. Take your metal detecting to the next level!

Dimensions: Approximately A5, 8.5 x 5.5 inches

Don't want a Simplex version - try our standard metal detecting log book here


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